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About Us


We offer women's and men's clothing that:

  • Feature cool AF graphics so that you stand out 🤟🏽
  • Are made with eco-friendly materials and processes to care for the future 🌎
  • Have a meaning behind to honour the past 🔥

Cosmic Fangs is massively inspired by ancient Mexico, its people, their beliefs and symbolisms. We reimagine some of these elements by mixing them with stuff we love like illustration, street art, music and comics. The result is bold and colourful clothes that are sustainable too. 


Cosmic Fangs started as an outlet for our founder's passion for illustration and ancient Mexico, which he began exploring when Covid hit. When he realised he had something cool and decided to share it with the world, he knew it had to be through clothes! He was tired and frustrated of a) brands that he liked giving a shit about sustainability and b) sustainable brands being boring and bland with muted colours and minimalist logos. 

And that's how Cosmic Fangs was born as a graphic clothing brand with sustainability embedded in every step. 

We are different, we look different, we seem out of place in sustainable marketplaces or any other marketplace for that matter, and we love it! Blending with the crowd is not for us!  

Mario is our founder. He was born and raised in Mexico City and has recently become a British citizen after living in the UK for the last 9 years.

He grew up getting in trouble at school and home for doodling on his textbooks, notebooks and hands instead of doing his classwork. Despite this, he managed to graduate from uni and thought it was a good idea to have a masters degree as well.   

Fast Forward, and after 10 years of IT consulting, he realised a 9 to 5 where he was just waiting for the weekend wasn't really his thing and instead decided to make a living out of the things he's passionate about. For now, he's calling himself an illustrator and the guy behind Cosmic Fangs.